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I'M AM!!! ₊⚛⁺​(​ؔ꒨◡ؔ꒨​)​ᵌ​.​°◌̊ ⃣theverybesttheverybesttheverybestheverybestthetverybesttheverybest :)

don't touch me

hey whats up my name is sophia i'm a film major and i like to make electronic music sometimes

Plastic Flesh & Ferrofluid Blood Cassette + Tee Bundle preorders avaliable now!!!

avaliable now!!!

avaliable now!!!

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"i read 'this is my final form' "
- Bianca Ferreira
"this is a masterpiece this is beyond YTP this is beyond"
- Zovi
"I have never experienced so many emotions in one video. Sophia masterfully blends the over-saturation of internet memes with personal monologues and a tinge of irony to create one of the most thought provoking short films of the year."
- DJ Scratchin' (aka Mike Debisco)
"I actually liked it."
- Joshua Koury, my film professor


Don't the big it's always wrong. 's always wrong. 's alwaysw rong. 's

i just think ooooooo

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LET MY BLOOD RUN DRY узями ми танцюємо там гладкий джаз ми чорні emtal група , яку він машини why wont anyone fuck me тут вони зробили чудовий обід я вбити себе אנא DBE את כל של שלי אי פעם צופה OVBER ME מעלי אנDark 420 - On the horizon. be careful א Dont בבקשה לקבל Im the :)

im טירת הפלאות ריקוד הנסיכה גדולה באמת im להשמיד את הרוע חושך בתוך קרח נסיכת קרח fcortress מזמין חברים שלי אנחנו רוקדים יש חלקת ג ' אז אנחנו מכונים שחורים להקת emtal הוא נמצא כאן הם עשו ארוחה נפלאה אני אתאבדUploaded on Mar 19, 2007 Performance of High Roller filmed in 1992 for "Live in L.A." CategoryRipeRabbit : u kno where 2 find me B) 1:574tonmant1s : @Waterfallvoyeur just saw that you are following Susumu Hirasawa's twitter page 1:574tonmant1s : Sophiaaaahjkl;8901 pron: [soh-fee-(uh • ∞)] FKA S/wn444 FKA Mega Bunneh ☆ I'm a film major and I like to make electronic music in my free time ☆Plastic Flesh & Ferrofluid Blood, released 0???? June 2016 1. Wild Horses 2. Strawberry Cake 3. 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Kodak Professional Tri - X 400 Film (Pushed To 800 ISO) 5. Crank That 6. 23°F 7. Exhaust 8. Technomancer 9. My Biology Is Bullshit And I'm Ready To Be A Machine 10. LGB -> LGA 11. Wild Horses (Dj Scratchin' Remix) 12. Kodak Professional Tri - X 400 Film (2nnt Remix) et any more cool now 2:00virtuastep : yes she can, 2:014tonmant1s : oh 2:014tonmant1s : k 2:01eye_z_you_s : the question is.... can WE get any more cool? 2:01virtuastep : im tryin 2:014tonmant1s : @Waterfallvoyeur h moving fast in a constant state of flux almost simultaneous bliss and melancholy the present is bullshit i'm ready to be a machine Experimental sample based and idm/glitch tracks from 2014 onwards ₊⚛⁺​(​ؔ꒨◡ؔ꒨​)​ᵌ​.​°◌̊ ⃣ 0 retweets 0 favorites [1][1][1][1][1][1][1][1][1][1][1][1][1][1][1][1]Wolto "Ma balan lnls 1400 saga world that li Marks ment " 6 Preface eralofuswerediscussingoverlunchissuesthathadbeenraisedatthevlrlr'. panels. Among tno'" l?;;t'ffi;;e'Andre Gunder Frank and Kettt" Po*.rur,r, t*o "hol#;;* ;;t work has profoundly influenced m( ' ' i this book. 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they weren't wrong.